Gift Aid Essentials Workshop

The Gift Aid Essentials workshop is a must if you and your organisation operate Gift Aid. During this workshop, we look at the background to HMRC Gift Aid and how you must maintain the Gift Aid audit trail and how to make a tax claim.

The workshops ensure you are Gift Aid compliant and know the HMRC rules and regulations for Gift Aid.

The workshops explain what can invalidate a gift aid declaration and what your organisation needs to do to reduce the risk of failing an HMRC audit. We also look at the small donations scheme (GASDS) and what to claim and more importantly what not to claim! Rules for this scheme are regularly reviewed by HMRC and your knowledge needs to remain up to date.

To end the day, we take you through what to expect from an HMRC Audit process and how to make sure your organisation is prepared, and has the best chance of having, a successful audit.

We highly recommend that you attend day 2 of the Gift Aid Essentials workshop, so that you have a full understanding of the benefit rules and how this impacts on every aspect of Gift Aid, particularly membership and events.

Delegates  will be provided with handouts and lunch on the day, as well as a certificate of attendance which will be issued to delegates who actively participate in the workshop, and can be used as part of your audit to evidence training.

Who should attend: Anyone who works with any aspect of Gift Aid:  fundraisers, finance teams and volunteers

Dates: Tuesday 2nd April in Truro.

Timing: Starts at 9.30am and finishes at 4.30pm

Cost: Please see IOFSW Eventbrite page

 Places are limited on each workshop to ensure that delegates have plenty of time to

ask specific questions relating to their organisations.

Places will be allocated on a first come - first served basis